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Conducting research in Latin America and the Caribbean. Adjusting to the winds of change of the last 45 years... and all those yet to come

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This is Who We Are

We are focused on serving our clients in discovering and generating insights through market and public opinion research with the support of the latest technology to provide both precision and quality going beyond factual research findings.

StatMarck - Who We Are
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What We Provide?

Traditional methodological approaches

  • Qualitative: Focus group discussions, In-depth interviewing, Ethnographies, Mystery Shopping
  • Quantitative: Online, Telephone, In home Face to Face or by Central location
  • Desk Research

Hybrid approaches

  • We call it QuantiLative: merging quantitative with qualitative insights in a single project

Our Track Record

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Broad experience with Public Opinion surveys across Latin America and the Caribbean
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Consumer behavior and all things related to Product and Services market research
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Business to Consumer
StatMarck - Icon B2B
Business to Business
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User Experience
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